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How to Import Orders from an Excel file? system can help manage your orders whether you choose to automatically download them from marketplaces or add them manually. Now we offer a third option to add orders---Order Template. If you have multiple orders, we recommend you may need use sample excel template.

Just follow the following steps and you will be good to go. 


Step 1: Please login and go to Orders>My Orders>Create Orders>Import Order;



Step 2: Download the sample Excel file and organize your orders accordingly;

Step 3: Select your Excel file and click on "Upload And Continue"


Step 4: You will get the import result;


Step 5: You can find your orders on Order page>My Orders>Unshipped;


Please find attached Order Template in English and Chinese.

1. The order numbers are unique. No two order numbers should be found identical in Circle.US system;
2. Please use two-letter abbreviation for Country and State, such as US short for United States.

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