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V2.2.0 Arrived with ACH

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  1. Added ACH to the methods of payment;
  2. Added Marketplace Country option to connecting Amazon stores;
  3. Added FedEx Pak option to FedEx domestic services;
  4. Increased First-Class Package Service maximum weight to 15.999oz;
  5. Removed the limit on UPS parcel quantity for single shipment;
  6. Modified the insurance limit on International FedEx Pak and Envelope;
  7. Fixed the bug with order saving;
  8. Fixed the bug with International Freight 8.5" x 11" label printing;
  9. Fixed the bug with special character-named label printing;
  10. Added Create Date data to shipments created from calculator;
  11. Improved the label naming method for multi-piece shipments;
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