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What is a PayPal preapproved payments plan?

What is a preapproved payments plan?

When you purchase with PayPal, you may receive an email from PayPal indicating you have signed up for a "preapproved payments plan with Celery". This preapproved payments plan gives Celery temporary permission to charge your order at a later time. It will be automatically removed once your order has been paid.

Is this a subscription service?

No. The preapproved payments plan gives Sellers temporary permission to charge an order at a later date. You will be charged ONCE for the total amount of the order. The preapproved payments plan will be automatically removed once your order has been paid.

Didn't I already pay at checkout?

No. If you received a message about a preapproved payments plan, this means that you were not charged during checkout. When your order is paid, you will receive an email from PayPal.

What happens if I cancel the preapproved payments plan?

If you cancel the preapproved payments plan, then your order becomes canceled because the Seller can no longer charge your order. 

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