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What are the FedEx & UPS pick-up options? How about the pickup fee?

To schedule a FedEx pickup, you can try the following three ways:

If you have a FedEx account:

1. Call 1-800-463-3339 to schedule;

2. Schedule on login your FedEx account and schedule;


3. You can schedule a FedEx pickup in, if you don't have your own fedex account. Go to "Shipments>Pickups>New request>FedEx".



FedEx Pickup fee:
Express pickup: Free (using our FedEx account)
Ground pickup: $3 per package; up to $20 per unique address per week regardless of the number of the packages

UPS pickup:

 You can schedule a UPS pickup in "Shipments>Pickups>New request>UPS".


UPS Pickup fee:

UPS will pick up all packages with a single pickup request; you will not be charged pickup fees per package. The fuel surcharge will apply.







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