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Why UPS Returns Undeliverable Packages to Warehouse? How to Avoid the Inconvenience It Brings?

Why UPS Returns Undeliverable Packages to Warehouse?

When a package is sent to an incomplete or incorrect address and UPS can’t receive the address correction in time or after three attempts are made and no one is available to receive the package, it will be considered undeliverable and will be returned.

As some of our customers may have noticed, UPS tends to return the undeliverable packages to warehouse, not to the sender. They do this with good reason.

  • On one hand, for the protection of the packages, UPS will need a confirmed address to return them to. The Ship From address on the label may be the address of the sender or the supplier and thus unconfirmed. So considering the safety of our customers’ property, we set up the address of our warehouse as the confirmed and therefore all returned packages will be sent to our warehouse.
  • On the other hand, it has its own perks when UPS returns a package to our warehouse. With our professional warehouse keepers, the package will be well preserved and carefully attended to.

How to Avoid the Inconvenience a Returned Package Brings?

The undeliverable packages can bring inconvenience or even loss. To avoid unnecessary Amazon claims or negative feedbacks resulting from them, it is essential to notify the buyers of the abnormal occasions in time and make other arrangements in advance. system can detect abnormal occasions for all packages. In system V1, after tracking all the packages, the undeliverable ones will be marked automatically. In V3 , the undeliverable packages are listed under: Shipments>Delivery Exception.

If you want to try the new features of V3, please click here. The username and the password remain the same along with your account history.


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