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V2.0.12 Arrived! Check it out now

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the bug that adding Harmonization Code does not take effect;
  2. Fixed a bug with miscalculation of the package weight;
  3. Optimized the exported spreadsheet of Shipments list;
  4. Optimized Add Credit through BOA online transfer;
  5. Added automation rule that sets the default package weight to 1lb when the relating Order contains no product;
  6. Fixed the bug that Notes do not show in the Orders list;
  7. Fixed the display issue of UPS tracking information on the Shipments list;
  8. Optimized the Label Size configuration on Create Label page;
  9. Fixed a bug with canceling the Insured shipments in bulk;
  10. Improved the completeness and accuracy of the destination country list;
  11. Fixed a bug with editing the product information on Create Label page;
  12. Improved the loading speed of Finance page.
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