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V2.0.1 | March 5, 2015

New Features:

  1. Deployed on Amazon EC2 for enhanced security and performance.
  2. Added Inventory Management and Fulfillment Service including and 3rd party fulfillment.
  3. Added Support Center to accommodate all the service requests.
  4. Automatically update the Marketplace Orders and Shipment Tracking Status.
  5. Thoroughly redesigned the Back-end and Front-end.
  6. Enhanced Automation Rules for Shipping.
  7. Display of the Buyer Notes from the the marketplaces.
  8. Compare rates and transit time of all the applicable services from multiple carriers in 1 click.
  9. More flexible Multi-order Shipping and Batch Label Printing.
  10. Automatically sort out shipments by their status.
  11. Introduced Supplier management.
  12. Added Label Received feature to assist the Suppliers.
  13. Added Shipment Notification feature.
  14. Added Monthly Statements.
  15. Added detailed Activity records.
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