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V2.0.2 | March 14, 2015

New Features:

  1. Added Release Notes.
  2. Added the feature of sorting orders based on the Items column.
  3. Added the feature of "Drag and Drop” to rearraigne the Orders and Shipments tables.
  4. Removed the Captcha on the login page for quicker access.
  5. Optimized the layout and display of the Order Details page.
  6. Fixed a bug of the FedEx Bill to 3rd Party feature.
  7. Improved the accuracy of the shipping rate estimations.
  8. Fixed the problem of missing Address 2 on FedEx labels.
  9. Fixed a bug with the Label Setting.
  10. Fixed some bugs with the Insurance purchase feature.
  11. Adjusted the server clock to Pacific Time for better sync with Amazon Marketplace.
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