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V2.0.4 | March 28, 2015

New Features:

  1. Added filter based on items condition on Orders page;
  2. Fixed the error when deleting packages from a shipment;
  3. Improved the Batch Format setting;
  4. Improved the display of Finance page;
  5. Changed the icon of Update button while downloading orders;
  6. Fixed the bug with display of Products Sold;
  7. Fixed the bug that FBA orders can be modified;
  8. Added detail to the error messages when Get Rate fails;
  9. Fixed the display lag after insured shipments in batch;
  10. Updated the link of View button on the "update finished" dialog;
  11. Removed the Cancel button from the "finished voiding Shipment(s)" dialog;
  12. Fixed the "items details" floating layer on Orders page.
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