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V2.0.10 Arrived! Check it out now Team has maid numerous improvements and fixed some bugs.

  1. Improved the validation of the shipment information form on Create Label page;
  2. Fixed the bug that FedEx International Economy is listed but unselectable;
  3. Optimized the FedEx Freight shipping;
  4. Fixed a bug with zipcode validation;
  5. Fixed a bug that some international destination addresses were incorrectly affixed a US state;
  6. Fixed the miscalculation on adding $1000 credit through PayPal;
  7. Optimized the shipping services comparison feature for better performance;
  8. Fixed the issue with V1 historical label's repringting;
  9. Optimized the Declared Value automation rule;
  10. Optimized the Declared Value rule in Product Template to prevent the fatal error when priting international labels;
  11. Revised some terms in the exported spreadsheet of Shipments list.
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