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How to set up a FedEx developer account and integrate it into allows our users to use their own FedEx account by adding their Fedex's accounts in "Settings>Carrier Account.



What's more, enables our users to calculate shipping rates and create shipments with their own FedEx account. To make that happen we will need the following information:

  • FedEx 9-Digit Account Number
  • FedEx Production Authentication Key
  • FedEx Production Meter Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Contact Name

Please follow the steps below to finish the process.

Firstly, get your FedEx Account Details

1. Login to FedEx Developer Website using your User ID and Password.

2. Select the correct options according to the following screenshot and click Continue button.


3. Click I Accept button.


4. Fill in your contact information.

Note: Be sure to enter a valid email address to receive the important information from FedEx.


 5. Click Continue button.


6. You will now see your Access confirmation. This information, which includes the Authentication Key, will not be accessible later unless you contact FedEx support; we recommend that you print this page for your records.

Now, on the screen you have your:

  • Authentication Key
  • Meter Number 

And you should have received an Email from FedEx containing the:

  • Production Password
  • FedEx Account Number

Secondly, submit a new request using the following template. 

  1. Subject:                 Need to connect my own FedEx Account
  2. Issue Category:     Technical Support/Connect my own FedEx Account
  3. Description

Your Email
Company Name

Contact Person
FedEx Account Number
Authentication Key
Meter Number
Production Password

We will process your request in 2 business days.

Please rest assured that will not have access to your FedEx account with the information you provided. The Production Password is not the one you created to access your FedEx account.


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