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Does support inventory management?


Step1, Add a Product.


Tip1: Import product from Amazon and the information is automatically filled.

Tip2: Link your online store (eBay,Amazon,shopify, Bigcommerce or Etsy) and products will be automatically downloaded.





1) Click “Find Products” and choose the product you are shipping to our warehouse.

2) Choose the quantity and select the warehouse (CA ,DE or NC) you are using.

3) Make notes for the Warehouse Keeper about your inbound shipments.

Step 3, Inbound package will be confirmed once it is received in the warehouse. Inventory status can be checked under Inventory<History.


Step 4, Outbound.

1, Create a shipping label in system for your outbound product.

2, Click “Outbound” under Inventory.


3, Enter the product quantity. Upload the shipping label and make notes for the Warehouse Keeper. Your package will soon be shipped when the outbound request is received.


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