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What‘s the difference between "Charge and Final Charge"? Why is the final charge different from the quoted rate?

The "charge" is the estimated shipping charge based on the information you entered.

After UPS and FedEx deliver a package, changes may be applied to your invoice to make the final charge different than what you were originally quoted. The final bills could be off due to:

  • Inaccurate shipping weight
  • Different drop off location
  • Incorrect/Inaccurate address
  • Other possible surcharges


Please note that this is not an extra fee from Circle and that any additional surcharges are applied by Carriers.

Once the Carriers' bills come out, we will check your shipping history and adjust your balance. You can see the discrepancies through hovering over the shipping charge on the "Shipments>Shipments" page.



For example, the adjustment of this shipment was made based on residential surcharge and weight change:



For details of Carriers’ surcharges, please refer to the following links:




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