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How to add credit through Bank of America Online Transfer?

1. Log into your BOA Online Banking

2. Select Transfers/Send Money To Someone/Using their email address or mobile

3. If first time using BOA,click Add email or mobile recipient and input:

Recipient type:      Business
Business name:     MaiMaiJiao
Nickname:            MaiMaiJiao
Email address:

Depending on your account settings, SafePass Code or your BOA Debit Card
Number might be required for verification;

4. For repeat customer, select MaiMaiJiao from the To drop list;

5. Input the amount with the unique mantissa: $xxx.xx

The inconsistent amount will result in recharge failure. The unique mantissa is to identify the transaction. Your available balance will increase by the exact amount.

6. Copy the Confirmation Number, and post back to our website.

Congrats! Your account is credited!


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