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Why is “Address 2” of Ship From address not shown on my UPS label created in system?

The UPS labels you create in are nothing different from those created from When you find that “Address 2” of Sender's address is missing in the label, please be advised that it is not a bug of system. This is because UPS has a very unique label format:


  • Sender's address: UPS labels only show the first line of the senders’ address. Address line 2 of the senders’ address are not shown on the label, but it is actually recorded electronically in UPS system.


  • Recipient's address: UPS labels show recipients’ address line 1 and address line 2 in the reverse order.


The shipping label format will not affect on how UPS drivers deliver the packages. The shipment information is transmitted electronically so UPS has the full information in the back end of the system to calculate transit days and delivery routes.



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    Great tips.
    It's good to know that although UPS label has the display error, package delivery won't be affected anyway.