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How To Connect My PayPal Store?

1. Go to “Settings> Selling Channels> Start to connect> PayPal”. 1.png

Select "PayPal", and the following screen will pop up.2.png2. Log into your PayPal account here:

3. On the main menu, select Profile and then click Profile and Settings.4.png  

4. Click My Selling Tools, then click Update next to API Access. 5.png   

5. Under Option 1, click Add or Edit API permissions___5.png6. Click Add a New Third Party.8.png7. Enter the following value in the Third Party Permission Username box.

  Developer Name:

  Then, click the Lookup button9.png8. Check the following options and then click the Add button:

Obtain information about a single transaction

Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results ___3.png9. Go back to system. Enter your PayPal Email Address below and click the Send Email Verification button to verify your email.   ___1.png10. Once your email has been verified, click Test Connection.___2.png

If successful, click Next > to continue setting up your store with how your orders are identified, which orders import, your company/product information, etc.

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