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What is Media Mail?

Media Mail shipping is a cost-effective way to send educational materials. This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be shipped. Media Mail rates are limited to the items listed below:

  • Books (at least 8 pages).
  • Sound recordings and video recordings, such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Play scripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music.
  • Printed music.
  • Computer-readable media containing prerecorded information and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such media.
  • Sixteen millimeter or narrower width films.
  • Printed objective test materials and their accessories.
  • Printed educational reference charts.
  • Loose-leaf pages and their binders consisting of medical information for distribution to doctors, hospitals, medical schools, and medical students.

Media Mail Package Inspection:

All packages sent using Media Mail are eligible to be opened by a USPS employee to confirm contents. Any package found carrying material that is ineligible for Media Mail rates will be sent back to the sender with a possible fine and other postal charges included.


For more details, please check the information from USPS for reference:



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