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How to create a USPS SCAN FORM?

USPS requires that each package is scanned into the mail stream. If you ship multiple USPS packages a day, USPS SCAN forms will save you time. 


Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice is a single form containing a master barcode. The barcode links all the labels you have printed for packages that are ready for drop off or pick up service. With the master barcode, all the packages can be scanned at once rather than one-by-one.


In system, it is easy to create a USPS Scan Form.

Step1, All your USPS shipments will be shown under “Shipments”.


Step2, Click “USPS Scan Forms” and select your ship date & ship from address. Then click “Create and Download”.

Only labels with the same ship date on the day that you're creating the USPS SCAN form will be eligible to be included on a USPS SCAN form. This means that any labels with a ship date prior to or after SCAN form creation will not be eligible for inclusion on a SCAN form.



Step3, Here is an example of the SCAN form.



Step4, You can check created form under “Previously Created Forms”.



Step5, Please provide the USPS SCAN form and included packages when dropping off your packages at the USPS Post Office or upon the carrier's arrival to pick up your packages.

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