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How to generate WooCommerce Consumer Key and Consumer Secret?

*The instructions below are based on the WooCommerce layout introduced in version 3.0. does not support WooCommerce versions prior to 3.0.


Step 1. To enable the REST API within your WooCommerce store admin, visit the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and check the Enable REST API checkbox. Don't forget to save changes.



Step 2. To verify that you are using the correct Permalink settings, visit Settings > Permalinks (this is on the Wordpress settings page, not the WooCommerce settings). Use any option EXCEPT for the Default permalink option.



Step 3. Create a new user with an Administrator role.



Step 4. Generating your API Keys.

The WooCommerce REST API works on a key system to control access. Once you generate your API keys, you will need to copy and paste these keys into the WooCommerce settings page in

Visit the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and click Keys/Apps. Then click Add Key.



Step 5. Enter a description and choose the user you created in the steps above. Then set permissions to Read/Write.



Step 6. Click the Generate API Key button, and your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be created.



Keep this window open -- you won't be able to access the key again if you navigate away or close the window.



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